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Early Childhood

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Nino Shake'n Play memory game - N526
The NiNO® Shake‘n Play is a sound-based memory game for two to four children ages three years and up, and fun for the entire family. Sixteen identical-looking shakers make eight matched pairs. The object of the game is to find the pairs by remembering the sounds and positions on the board. Shake‘n Play is a good development game and certified child..
SKU: N526
Growing With Music - Friendly Bear's Song Book - Q7000
Growing With Music - Friendly Bear's Song Book: Music Activities for Young Children written by Birthe Kulich, illustrated by Miye. An updated version of the original Friendly Bear's Song Book, now includes CD!  162 pages. Growing With Music is a songbook for young children, their families, and teachers. It is a collection of songs, rhymes,..
SKU: Q7000
Growing With Music - replacement CD  - Q7000CD
The 65 songs and rhymes on the CD are meant to introduce song melodies and rhyme patterns, and to give an indication of possible arrangements using a variety of instruments. This professionally produced CD includes the following tracks: Fall selections: Hello; Friendly Bear; Teddy Bear; Bell Horses; Hey! Hey! Kuma San (Mister Bear); Open, Shut..
SKU: Q7000CD
La La La Learn presents "Hello" - Q2010
La La La Learn presents "Hello" starring Krista Hewson. 54 page book and two CDs - one with all of the songs as sung in the book, and one without the lead vocals to allow you to make up your own lyrics. "Hello" is a resource for parents, music therapists, and early childhood educators working with children up to six years old..
SKU: Q2010
The Amazing Magical Musical Plants - Q155787
Mr. Jones is having trouble motivating his fifth grade band students to practice. When he discovers a packet of magical musical plant seeds in an old trombone case, he gets an idea. Mr. Jones plants the seeds in pots of soil and gives one to each of his students to take home. He tells the students how to care for the seeds and to p..
SKU: Q155787
The Very, Very Gingerbread Man - Q751041
We all know the classic tale of the feisty gingerbread man who meets an untimely end, but in this zingy reimagining—SPOILER ALERT—he doesn't get eaten by the fox thanks to one gigantic sneeze! Start by listening to the full performance, then use the narration, sing-along, and accompaniment-only tracks, all on the included CD, to tailor this fun, ea..
SKU: Q751041
Baroque with Joy - QBWJ-3
When you introduce any new concept you must do so with joy, and what could be more "Joy-Filled" than music? The great composers are an essential part of music appreciation, even at a young age. Suzanne Brown and Romi Caron combine poetry and art to help introduce these beloved composers to children in a "Joy-Filled" engaging way. Featuring Bach, Sc..
Classical with Joy - QCWJ-3
The first book in the Joy-Filled Beginnings Series, Baroque with Joy - QBWJ-3 was nominated for two awards. Libraries, Daycares throughout North America are using this series and they are even being used in Early Childhood Education University courses. Continuing on with the series this new book is "Classical with Joy", an Introduction to the Gr..
Best-Loved Children's Songs - Q46035
Toddlers and young children love to sing and dance to classic nursery rhymes and songs. This activity strengthens bonds with family, encourages brain development and musicality, and most important, it's fun! This beautiful, illustrated, keepsake collection of over 100 classic nursery rhymes, playground songs, activity tunes, and memory rhymes en..
SKU: Q46035
$45.98 $34.99
Music and Language Circle Games - Q205
Music and Language Circle Games for Children Ages 3 to 9 by Debra Giebelhaus-Maloney. 72 page book and accompaniment CD detail 13 different partner games. Provides both the general classroom teacher and the music specialist with a new look at circle games as thoughtful teaching tools for language and music skill development. Each game has bee..
SKU: Q205
Move, Sing, Listen, Play - Q480
Move, Sing, Listen, Play - Preparing the Young Child for Music written by Donna Wood. 214 pages. Designed to turn young children towards music. Divided into three parts: The Child, The Music, The Teacher. Multiple suggestions for use with children from birth to six years. Contents include: The Child: The First Five Stages: Infants and Toddle..
SKU: Q480
$42.98 $29.98
Bean Bag and Ball Play CD - Q9323
Includes PDF Guide with lyrics and instructions. Bean Bag and Ball Play CD by Michael Plunkett. Two favourite manipulatives are featured in this musical learning adventure! Children will learn to handle a variety of large and small balls paired with one-handed and two-handed activities, and enjoy the tactile feel of bean bag play. Jam-packed with a..
SKU: Q9323
Jazz Mosaic - Q407
Jazz Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom Jazz Mosaic: Jazz Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom by Louise Rogers and Susan Milligan Jazz Mosaic brings the joy of jazz music into your classroom every day through a variety of age-appropriate, play-centered lessons that can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum. Students ..
SKU: Q407
Jumbie Jam Songs by Letter: Children's Favorites - Q5514
An easy-to-use songbook great for those who do not read music. Jumbie Jam Songs by Letter: Children's Favorites The Jumbie Jam Songs by Letter Series includes the melody in easy to read large print. The notes are marked by letter which match the notes labeled on the Jumbie Jam, but they may also be used to play other instruments eg. Boomwhackers, x..
SKU: Q5514
Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap - Q9313
CD and Guide for ages 4-9 Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap CD by Michael Plunkett. Play to the beat with rhythm sticks! Children love Rockability Rhythm Sticks, Rhythm Stick Cha-cha, Rhythm Stick Train, Color Tap Soong, Kool Kats, Who's Got Rhythm Today? and more. ..
SKU: Q9313
Activity Songs and Games CD - Q9310
Activity Songs and Games CD: Learning Fun for Preschoolers by Georgiana Stewart. Important pre-learning skills and improved motor skills are developed through musical play, rhythms, exercises, creative movement and games. Songs and activities address: body identification awareness, perceptual motor gauge and self-awareness. A great opportunity f..
SKU: Q9310
Lummi Sticks for Kids CD - Q2014
Lummi Stcks for Kids - More Simplified Lummi Stick Activities CD by Laura Johnson. Young children, parents and teachers are always asking for more lummi stick activities. These twelve routines have been created specifically for children at the preschool and primary levels. They are simple, repetitive and lots of fun! Lummi stick activities ma..
SKU: Q2014
Rhythm Instrument Fun - Q195
Rhythm Instrument Fun by Denise Gagne. This collection of songs, play along activities, listening activities, sound effect stories and composition activities explores the many possibilities of non-pitched percussion instruments for students in preK-Grade 5.  Songs are included to teac..
Rhythm Stick Activity Fun CD - Q181
Rhythm Stick Activity Fun CD by Georgiana Stewart. Fun with real purpose! An energetic and enjoyable way of developing rhythm, listening skills, coordination and perceptual motor skills. Simple rhythm stick activities with up-beat group, partner or individual routines make this a delightful addition to any early childhood classroom. Vocal instru..
SKU: Q181
This Is Music! Preschool Volume 1: Itsy Bitsy Music - Q27949
Over 200 reproducible pages! Focusing on musical experiences with Colors and Shapes, This is Music! Preschool is a year long curriculum which contains developmentally-appropriate lessons for 2- and young 3-year olds, and lessons for 3- and 4-year olds. Features include a one-page outline format for in-class reference and reproducible pages for..
SKU: Q27949
This Is Music! Volume 1: Fiddle Over the Moon - Q23805
Vol. 1: Pre-Kindergarten.  For those teachers with little or no music background and seasoned professionals who just don't have time to gather lesson plans, the This Is Music series is exactly what they need to teach music in a classroom setting! The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance. I..
SKU: Q23805
$28.98 $22.98
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