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Musical Games and Activities

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History of Jazz - Teacher's Guide and CD-ROM - Q24
Jazz history and the lives of many jazz legends. History of Jazz by Brad Keller and Bonnie Rossa. 48 pages. History of Jazz encompasses 15 lessons on the major points of jazz history and some of the greatest jazz legends. The CD-ROM includes digital resources with PowerPoints and QuickTime movies to present the information to the students. Listenin..
SKU: Q24
$24.95 $23.96
Hoop Solid Colour Ribbon Streamers - BPC2062
Set of 6 made in the USA by Bear Paw Creek Hoop streamers are great fun for movement activities and dance. 6.5cm (2.75") diameter plastic hoops are easy to hold and have three 60cm (24") long ribbon streamers cascading from the hoop in a rainbow of colours. Each hoop in this set has differently coloured streamers. You will receive one each of: red,..
SKU: BPC-2062
Nino Shake'n Play memory game - N526
The NiNO® Shake‘n Play is a sound-based memory game for two to four children ages three years and up, and fun for the entire family. Sixteen identical-looking shakers make eight matched pairs. The object of the game is to find the pairs by remembering the sounds and positions on the board. Shake‘n Play is a good development game and certified child..
SKU: N526
Set of 12 Square Bean Bags - BPC2009
Made in the USA by Bear Paw Creek Set of twelve 4" square bean bags made from soft poplin fabric. Set includes two bean bags of each colour: Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple Great for catching, colour recognition, and many other games, Filled with CPSAI compliant plastic pellets so they are hand or machine washable. ..
SKU: BPC2009
Set of 12 Textured Bean Bags BPC2011
Made in the USA by Bear Paw Creek Set of twelve 4" bean bags are made from various textured fabrics. Set includes two bean bags with each texture: fake fur, corduroy, slippery, rough/stiff, velour, and soft. Great for those with vision impairments and sensory issues. Filled with CPSAI compliant plastic pellets so they are hand or machine washable. ..
SKU: BPC2011
Family Pack (5 instruments) - J503
Includes: Gourd Scraper w/Rasp, Three Pod Shaker, Double Bell w/Striker, Frame Drum, Large Coconut Claves plus The Road to Jamtown Activity Guide and a travel bag. ..
SKU: J503
LP Toca Jingle-Shake - TJS-BK
The LP Toca Percussion Jingle-Shake is a combination of a tambourine and shaker in one. A great add-on to any percussion set-up. It features four rows of nickel-plated jingles and a removeable "screw top" shaker cylinder. The shaker cylinder contains non-toxic, stainless-steel ball bearings and the sound may be customized by adjusting the amount..
Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East and West Africa - Q102
Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East & West Africa by Bonita Butchart Smith and Daniel Tones, with original music by Hugh Fraser and J.Chalmers Doane, and Slit-drum plans and TechEd lessons by Bruce Reid. This CD-ROM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to music in Middle School and Junior High School that involves c..
SKU: Q102
QChord Song Book - Strangers in the Night and other favorites - QSB-4
Sinatra Song Book. Strangers in the Night and other favorites. Discontinued item. Limited quantities Content Bewitched BlueSkies Call Me Irresponsible For Once in My Life God Bless' the Child Guys and Dolls How Deep Is the Ocean (How High Is the Sky) I'll Be Seeing You I've Got You Under My Skin Isn't It Romantic? Th..
Body Bingo - Q3001
CD and Guide by Diane Cantwell for ages 3+ Body Bingo: CD and Guide by Diane Cantwell. Fun-filled manipulative activities using a bean bag and/or a scarf focus on locomotor, non-locomotor and body identification skills to improve coordination, balance and agility. Upbeat music with easy-to-follow narration for ages 3+. ..
SKU: Q3001
Listening Fun with Scarves and Tennis Balls - Q194
Active listening activities for Grades 1-6. Listening Fun with Scarves and Tennis Balls by Dan Fee. 47 pages, 11 activities. Listening Fun provides active listening activities for Grade 1-6 students using scarves, tennis balls and movement. The collection includes the teacher's guide and three disks: Disk 1. Audio CD of all of the musical selection..
SKU: Q194
Musical Games for the Musically-Minded - Q745
Over 52 Games and Activities for the Music Classroom Musical Games for the Musically-Minded: Over 52 Games and Activities for the Music Classroom by Jean and Dave Perry. 68 pages. This resource is appropriate for all music disciplines, at all grade levels, and even has an added section for vocal tone development! Activities are divided into ear-tra..
SKU: Q745
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Around the Music Room in 180 Days - Q71149
Around the Music Room in 180 Days: Teacher Tips and Music Activities to Fill the School Year -  compiled, written and adapted by Janet Day. 64 page book with 16 reproducible activity pages and answer key. Looking for new activities? Need more assessment ideas? How about new tips for classroom management ..
SKU: Q71149
Composer Songs - Q41675
Meet 12 famous composers through song. Arr. with new words by Sally K. Albrecht. This clever collection features music of the masters with words that teach about their lives. Includes unison arrangements of well-known works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century periods. Equip your music history toolbox with th..
SKU: Q41675
Elementary Music Games - Q751051
Whenever you need a quick activity, you can reach for this fun resource. With these reproducible music game pages, students will practice rhythms, note names, dynamics, music vocabulary, and more. Use them as educational time-fillers, take home assignments, or substitute plans to reinforce a concept you've covered in class. Written by Vanessa Chris..
SKU: Q751051
Fresh Beats - Q40581
This groundbreaking program is a new resource for secondary general music classes, designed to help teachers involve more students in their programs. The book is fully reproducible and includes information and resources to acquaint teachers with hip-hop music and culture, as well as easy-to-use lessons that teach the National Standards for Music Ed..
SKU: Q40581
Games, Groups, and Gems - Q751053
These activities will have your students moving, singing, playing, and learning! Strengthen teacher-student and student-teacher relationships, encourage active participation, and cultivate excitement for learning by teaching through games and groups with this collection of absolute gems from master teacher Chris Judah-Lauder. Students learn music s..
SKU: Q751053
KID'S UKE, Ukulele Activity Fun Book - Q173015
KID'S UKE, Ukulele activity fun book. Ukulele Primer ages 4-8 Learn about the ukulele and how to play it through a series of fun activities. Songs Coloring Note Reading Puzzles Crosswords Word Search Adtivities Chords GCEA tuning ..
SKU: Q173015
Listening Resource Kit with CD - Level 3 - Q772
The Listening Resource Kit with CD - Level 3 by Denise Gagne. Level 3: (Grade 3) Includes 30 selections from Mozart, Schumann, Handel, Beethoven, Purcell, Strauss, Fucik and Kodaly. Includes note, worksheet and listening examples from the composers featured in the films Strauss - King of 3/4 Time (available separately) and Beethoven Lives Ups..
SKU: Q772
Messes are the Best! - Q1032H
MESSES ARE THE BEST! sticky, stinky, silly songs with CD by Darren Fellows Embrace the Mess! If you work with young children, you know that things can get messy in a hurry and there are few things that motivate children more than some of those - how shall we say - disgusting topics! Even your most reluctant young singers will have trouble resist..
SKU: Q1032H
Music Quilt Squares - Q41970
Music Quilt Squares is a delightful publication that compiles a range of music activities, including games on theory, identifying notes and fingerings on the piano and recorder, instrument families, and more! Clever, educational, 100% reproducible, and fantastic fun for everyone, this book is a must for your music classroom.  Recomm..
SKU: Q41970
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