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Bean Bag and Ball Play CD - Q9323

Price: $18.98
SKU: Q9323
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Product Code: Q9323
Availability: In Stock

Includes PDF Guide with lyrics and instructions. Bean Bag and Ball Play CD by Michael Plunkett. Two favourite manipulatives are featured in this musical learning adventure! Children will learn to handle a variety of large and small balls paired with one-handed and two-handed activities, and enjoy the tactile feel of bean bag play. Jam-packed with action games, the variety of activities is such to engage your students. There's circle-time fun with bean bags and balls, physical activities to get hearts pumping, plus games of balancing, passing, tossing, and rolling bean bags and balls. Every activity provides valuable benefits and improve motor development. Skills promoted include balance, directionality, eye/hand coordination, body identification, improving concentration, listening, self-discipline, team work, rhythm and creativity. This energetic action fun includes a hilarious and challenging Bean Bag Crab Walk, Freeze Ball, passing and clapping rhythmic ball play, eyes closed, bean bag passing game, topped off with a relaxing ball-rolling cool down, and instrumentals to create your own activities and play time fun. Activities include: Roll It; Big Ball Game; Who's Got the Ball?; Freeze Ball; Passing the Bean Bag; Bean Bag Crab Walk; Pass & Clap; The Balance Game; Toss the Bag; Bean Bag Endurance; Bean Bag Relay; Goodbye to You (Ball Cool Down); Bean Bag Crab Walk (instrumental); Freeze Ball (instrumental); Bean Bag Endurance (instrumental) Includes PDF Guide with lyrics and instructions.

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