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Chop Monster Jr. - Q20803

Price: $54.98
SKU: Q20803
Product Code: Q20803
Availability: Out of stock

By Margaret Fitzgerald • Kimberly McCord • Shelly Berg

Jazz language tutor for general music instruction. This is a Jazz handbook for elementary general music teachers with 2 CDs and reproducible worksheets.

Featured recordings:

How High the Moon


Take the "A" Train

Specially designed for elemntary general music classes grades 3 through 6. No prior jazz experience is necessary for teachers or students. Imaginative and sequential call-and response lessons teach young peple how to sing and play an incredibly thrilling and expressive musical art form - Jazz.

All activites are age appropriate, classroom tested, and student approved.

With Chop-Monster Jr., your classroom students will develop their jazz chops and start down the road to becoming monster jazz performers.

Students will...

LISTEN  to great jazz recordings featuring a jazz trio, scat-singing vocalist, or big band

IDENTIFY and discuss what they have heard

IMITATE characteristic jazz melodies through recorded call-and-response activities

ASSIMILATE swing rhythm and articulation in a variety of fun jazz circle games

PERFORM with body percussion and unpitched percussion instruments, optionally adding Orff instruments or Boomwhackers

DEMONSTRATE what they've learned through performance pieces

IMPROVISE one-note, two-note, and three-note jazz phrases in a supportive group atmosphere

LINK to literature, history and other cultures through a variety of lesson extension activities and listening maps



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