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A Music Reading Program for Ukulele - Student Book - Q660

Price: $12.98
SKU: Q660
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A Music Reading Program for Ukulele - A Student's Book by J. Marvin Shields.

48 pages. This ukulele book is designed to develop sight reading skills and an understanding of the many basic musical concepts. The ensemble activities appearing throughout the book are fun to play and make use of the skills/concepts learned to that point in the program. There are very few explanations given so is best used in a classroom/instructional setting and is not recommended for use in a self-study format.

Contents include:
String, Fret and Finger Numbers - Tabulation - Open Strings - Chromatic Fingering - The Staff, Clefs, Time and Key Signatures - Quarter Notes - The Notes A, D, F# and B - Repeat Signs - Duets - The Hand Staff - Eighth Notes - 4/4 Time - The Notes High D and A - 3/4 Time - The Notes E and G - Fine and D.C. al Fine - Whole Notes and Rests - Ties - Notes High C, C# and E - D Scale - 1st and 2nd Endings - Dotted Quarter Notes - The Notes High F, F# and G - G Scale - Sixteenth Notes - Eighth Rests - Syncopation - The New Notes Low B, C# and G# - A Scale - Triplets - Dotted Eighth and Sixteenth Notes - The Notes Low C, F, and Bb - C Scale - F Scale - 6/8 Time - Minor Scales - Chromatic Scales - Enharmonic Tones

Develops sight reading skills and understanding of basic musical concepts. Part of the J. Chalmers Doane Ukulele Method Series for Low A (D6) tuning.

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