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    Remo Versa carry bag 14" x 40" (35cm x 102cm) - VS-1440-BG
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REMO World Drumming Set C - WMD-C

Price: $4,900.00
Brand: REMO
Product Code: WMC-C
Availability: In Stock
WMD-C. One set only is available.

The World Music Drumming Drum Packs feature a fun 30-lesson instructional program for middle school general music classes, combined with four special percussion packages which are designed to complement the curriculum for World Music Drumming created by Dr. Will Schmid. Comprised of a combination of Djembes, Tubanos, Standing Ngoma, Talking Drums, Buffalo Drums, Bongos, Bells and assorted Shakers, the World Music Drumming Drum Packs are ideal for developing important life skills such as communication, listening, teamwork, discipline and respect for others. THE "CC" PACKAGE INCLUDES: (1) 14" X 40" STANDING NGOMA, DRUMKEY-TUNED, (3) 10" TUBANO, DRUMKEY-TUNED, (5) 12" TUBANO, DRUMKEY-TUNED, (3) 14" TUBANO, DRUMKEY-TUNED, (1) 12" DJEMBE, MONDO, DRUMKEY-TUNED, (2) TALKING DRUM, 8" DIAMETER X 16" HEIGHT, (2) MALLETS FOR TALKING DRUM, (2) 16" BAHIA BUFFALO DRUM, (2) BONGO DRUMS, (2) GUIRO, (3) WOOD CLAVES, PAIR, (4) MARACAS, PAIR, (6) MINI-MARACAS, SET, (2) SHEKERE (AXATSE), (1) GANKOGUI, LARGE, (1) GANKOGUI, MEDIUM, (2) ACOUSTI-BLOX, (1) DOWEL, WOOD 2-PACK, (1) WORLD MUSIC LITERATURE AND DVD PACKAGE.

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