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Boomwhackers Bass Chromatic Set - BBC-5

Boomwhackers Bass Chromatic Set - BBC-5


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This set contains the following tones: C#/Db, D#/Eb, F#, G#/Ab, A#/Bb for the bass octave.

Boomwhackers are brightly coloured plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. Play songs, play chords, vary the sounds by 'whacking' different surfaces: same pitch, different sounds. Different sets combine to form two complete octaves, including sharps and flats. Add Octavator tube caps and drop the tone of a bass tube by an octave, creating a possible three-octave range.

Each set comes packaged in reusable net bags.

Boomwhackers may be 'out-of-round' when you receive them, or through playing or storage. Simply apply pressure with your hands along the length of the tube until it becomes round again.

Dimensions : 23.5"(60cm) max overall length, 1.75"(4.4cm) max diameter.

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