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SUZUKI 8-Note Music Push Pump (P-tunes) - MPP-8

SUZUKI 8-Note Music Push Pump (P-tunes) - MPP-8


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The push pump is pressed by hand, the air inside the pump is pushed out and the reed sounds. This set contains one octave, 8 notes.

Place it on a desk etc., and press or strike the top middle center of the instrument to play. Pressing slowly to produce a long sound, pressing quickly to produce a short sound, pressing strongly to produce a loud sound, and pressing lightly to produce a soft sound.

For  good coordination skills and a lot of fun, you can play the Push Pumps by attaching to your arms or legs. Just use a commercially available elastic, rubber or string to thread through the base.

For the Music Push Pump 5-note chromatic add-on (MP-5), click here.

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