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EMUS Soprano Ukulele, 10 Colours, Matte or Gloss Finish

EMUS Soprano Ukulele, 10 Colours, Matte or Gloss Finish


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Our soprano ukuleles have it all - a great sound, solid construction, and a wide variety of colours. It is the perfect gift for any occasion! Our ukuleles are built with superior quality machine heads and come in a matte finish.

Please specify Tuning in order notes (Checkout) : High G (Standard), Low G, Low A

Dimensions : 21" (53cm) long.

Colours: blue, black, yellow, white, purple, pink, red, lilac, orange, green

Finishes: Matte or Gloss

NOTE: All of our ukuleles are inspected and tuned before shipping. There are three different ukulele tunings; please indicate your choice.

To keep your ukulele healthy, store it in a space with a humidity of around 40-50%. A dry environment may cause the wood frame to warp and crack. Buy our ukulele humidifiers HERE.



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