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Groove Masters Percussion

GMP Nesting AirDrums 3-pc Set (Gold/Black) - NESTDRUM-GB

GMP Nesting AirDrums 3-pc Set (Gold/Black) - NESTDRUM-GB


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Groove Master's Percussion presents the incredible Nesting Drum!

These great-sounding, innovative djembes feature pre-tuned and removable heads. Stack them inside of each other for easy storage and transport. Patented AirDrum holes at the base of the drum allow for a louder, richer sound, even when the drum is placed on the floor. 

Comes in 3 sizes and 5 styles. Sold in sets of 3 containing one of each size.

Sizes (head diameter): 8" (20cm), 10" (25cm), 12" (30cm)

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