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REMO Didgeharp, Walkabout Finish - SR-2412-27

REMO Didgeharp, Walkabout Finish - SR-2412-27


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Didgeharp - Walkabout Finish. Featuring a Remo original Aboriginal type finish, Remo's Didgeharp shaker is a brand new instrument to the percussion world and is a Remo Original. Just shake the Didgeharp, or pluck the white button inside one end. To change the sounds cover and remove your hand from the opposite end. It blends the sounds of the Jaw Harp and Australian Didgeridoo. As you play it, you will also discover many other percussive sounds possible from Remo''s Didgeharp. The Didgeharp shakers are made with a single musical spring inside the tube with a small button on opposite ends.

Dimensions: 12"(30cm) x 2"(5.5cm).

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