About Us

At Empire Music Canada we strongly believe that music is an essential part of a rounded education and a foundation for many life skills and ongoing enjoyment.

Founded in 1948 we have spent more than 60 years in the music industry and understand the importance of the best quality educational instruments and accessories at the best price. In 1979 we changed our focus and decided to concentrate our efforts exclusively on elementary music education. We have since become Canada's leading choice in elementary educational music instruments and accessories and have increased our customer base to include preschools, churches, daycares, libraries and care homes.

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of many quality instruments from highly regarded manufacturers including: Aulos Recorders, Suzuki Educational Instruments, which includes Orff, Recorders, QChord and ToneChimes; the EMUS Educational line, which includes ukuleles, recorders, Orff, and the Classic brand of soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles. We also offer a selection from other suppliers: REMO; Meinl; Nino; Kala; Groovemaster are a few of the well-known brands we carry.

In addition to the large selection of elementary educational music instruments we carry, we also publish a number of books including, The Ukulele in the Classroom series and The Ukulele Way by James Hill. As well we publish many other books for recorder, ukulele and early childhood.

At Empire Music we take pride in offering music educators and their students a choice of the best musical instruments in the industry. Whether you are an experienced educator searching for recorders for a classroom of eager students or a beginning teacher needing advice and guidance we are here to help. We have the products you need and experienced staff to offer suggestions. When your elementary school, church group, daycare centre, seniors home or other institution is looking for educational instruments, Empire Music is your best choice.

Please browse our extensive range of products to find the musical equipment, teaching aids, accessories and more to meet your needs! We're committed to offering you the best products, customer service and value in the industry. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, or have questions regarding an order or other service, please call us at 800-663-5979.