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The Complete Recorder Resource Kit 1 with Powerpoints - Q116P

Price: $49.98
SKU: Q116P
Product Code: Q116P
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Includes Teachers Guide, Flashcards and Digital Resources for a beginning program. The Complete Recorder Resource Kit 1 with Powerpoints by Denise Gagne. Everything you need for teaching a first year recorder program in one convenient package! Included in the kit: Teachers Guide, Class-size Note Name Flashcards and Digital Resources/Powerpoint files. Suitable for students aged 6+. Contents of the Teachers Manual: Index to the Resource Kit " Notes to the Teacher regarding the Sequence of Notes, Practise Bugs, Listening, Kids Notes, Part Songs, Note Name Mad Minutes (worksheets), Recorder Rewards, Composition, Evaluation and Games, and Beginning the Method " All About the Recorder " How to Care for the Recorder " How Notes are Named " Counting Music - notes, rests, bars and measures " Notes B, A, and G " Mozart " Pick-up Notes " Slurs " the Note D " the note C " Schubert " Bach " Beethoven " Rounds " the Note F " Dvorak " Grieg " Staccato " Fingering Chart The Reproducible Student Sheets: The Student Sheets are presented as two complete sets: the first using regular notes and the second using "Kids' Notes" with the note name identified in the body of each note. Permission to photocopy the student pages, or to create overhead masters, is granted to the original purchaser of the Kit for use in one school only. An index to the Reproducibles is included for your convenience. The Student Pages cover: Soprano Recorder Fingerings " B-A-G Mad Minute " B-A-G-E Mad Minute " D-E-G-A-B Mad Minute " D-E-G-A-B-C-D Mad Minute " D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D Mad Minute " Recorder Composition sheets " Recorder Solo Assessmment Rubric " Recorder Quiz " Practice Bugs " All About the Recorder and Recorder Care " How Notes are Named and Naming Practise " Counting Music " Let's Begin - the Notes B and A " the Note G and Note Name Practise " Songs using B-A-G " Hot Cross Buns Theme and Variations, Mozart " the Note E and 3 songs " Pickup Notes and Songs using B-A-G-E " Slurs and Songs with Slurs " the Note D and Note Name Practise " Rondos and Composition Practise " the Note C and Note Name Practise " Songs and Schubert " the Note D, Bach, and Whole Rests " Beethoven and Songs " the Note F and Dvorak " Grieg and Songs " Staccato and Christmas Songs " the Note Low C and the C Scale Songs include: Just B " Just A " A and B Blues " Just G " G and A Blues " Side Step " Au Claire de la Lune " Hot Cross Buns Theme and Variations " Starlight " Lucy Locket " Kagome " BAGE Blues " Little Tommy Tiddlemouse " Trampin' " Doggie Doggie " Salish Hand Game " Skin and Bones " Frog in the Middle " Country Swing " Ho Ho Watanay " My Paddle " Rondo " 'C' You in Dixie " Hush Little Baby " Sanctus " Bouffons " C and D " Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring " Ode to Joy " Renaissance Round " Closet Key " From the New World " Morning " Good King Wenceslas " Jingle Bells " Jolly Old St. Nicholas " The C Scale " Camptown Races The Digital resources include: Powerpoints, Smart Notebook files, and QuickTime movies of all components of the Recorder Kit.

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