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    The Windsongs Teacher's Guide for Books 1,2,3 and 4 - E1234
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CD for the Windsongs Teachers Guide - E1234CD

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Arranged by Joe Berarducci to accompany the Windsongs Teachers Guide for Books 1, 2, 3 & 4.

This CD, containing all the pieces from the Windsongs Teachers Guide, was created to provide another stimulus for the development of recorder skills. It is not intended to be a substitute for live music-making.

The synthesized sounds chosen for the CD are at best an approximation of the sounds of the instrumentarium. In some instances, when a synthesized version was unavailable, a substitution has been made for the sounds of the instruments listed on the notated score.

The tempos on the CD are not slow, so playing along will require some facility with the melody.

With the exception of Track 12 (The B-A-G Concerto), each piece is performed the same way:
Intro: tambourine keeping the beat
(8 beats for pieces in 2/4, 6/8 or 4/4; 7 beats if there is a pickup)
(6 beats for pieces in 3/4; 5 beats if there is a pickup)
Piece: played through once with all instruments
Piece: played through twice more with the recorder sound omitted
(a few of the longer songs are performed only once)

SONGS COVERED FROM WINDSONGS BOOK 1: Bonnie Bee " Polka Hop " March " Hot Cross Buns " Hop, Old Squirrel " Long Legged Sailor " The Clown " Snow " Allelu " The Wind " Come, Come and Dance

SONGS COVERED FROM WINDSONGS BOOK 2: Engine, Engine " Rain Song " The Eagle " The Flight " Old Mister Rabbit " Old Brass Wagon " Old MacDonald " Goodbye Brother, Goodbye Sister " 3-5-7-9-2-4-6-8

SONGS COVERED FROM WINDSONGS BOOK 3: Le Loup, Le Renard, La Belette " Un Kilometre " Down in the Meadow " Hush Little Baby " It's Raining " Beaugency " Do Re Mi, La Perdrix " The River and Revir Eht " Go Tell Aunt Rhody " Sid Squid " Aiken Drum

SONGS COVERED FROM WINDSONGS BOOK 4: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star " Turn the Glasses Over " Les Petites Marionettes " Canoe Song " That's a Mighty Pretty Motion " L'il Liza Jane " Wind the Bobbin " Old King Glory " Ah! Si Mon Moine " Donkey Riding " Dance " Sur le Pont d'Avignon " Skip to my Lou " Cockles and Mussels " Streets of Laredo

Accompaniment CD contains the pieces from the Windsongs Teachers Guide.

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