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African Drum Workshop - Vol.1 Introduction to Djembe - Q6601

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David Thiaw's African Drum Workshop - Volume 1 Introduction to Djembe with practice CD. Written by David Thiaw and Joanne Melvin.

54 pages. Two valuable tools in one set: The full-length practice CD allows you to hear traditional, orally transmitted rhythms as David plays them on an authentic West African djembe, and the instruction book has all rhythms fully transcribed for easy reading.

Topics covered:
Background information on the djembe and the West African drumming tradition " Tips on choosing and caring for your drum " Holding the drum and using your hands to play different pitches " How to play 11 fundamental rhythm patterns and five common breaks " Combinations of patterns and breaks for developing fluency " Ideas for group and classroom use

Contents include:
David Thiaw " Joanne Melvin " Welcome from David Thiaw " The Djembe and the Drumming Ensemble " Choosing and Caring for Your Drum " Getting Started " Making the Music: Rhythm, Patterns and Breaks, Metre " Using the Book and the CD Together " Table of Abbreviations and Symbols " Patterns " Breaks " Sequences " Suggestions for Group and Classroom Use " Appendix: CD Contents " About the Authors

Patterns Presented in Volume 1:
Drum Pitches " Heartbeat " Pace " Walk " Trot " Gallop " Merengue " Bayano " Tschepp " Yanvalo " Clap,Touch,Clap " Ga " Morna

Breaks Presented in Volume 1:
4 Impacts " Clave " Conga " Door " Universal

Please see the items below as they may also be of interest. Easily learn to play West African djembe with this Instruction book and practice CD from Master Drummer David Thiaw.

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