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James Hill - Man With a Love Song CD - QBCD207

Price: $16.98
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Product Code: QBCD207
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Man With a Love Song: audio CD by James Hill released in 2011. Songs include: 1. Hand Over My Heart (J. Hill) 2. Any Old Lover (J. Hill) 3. High Demand (J. Hill) 4. Lying In Wait (J. Hill) 5. Assam / Like a Bird (J. Hill) 6. The Satisfactory Waltz (J. Hill) 7. Soap and Water (J. Hill) 8. What Would You Have Me Do? (J. Hill) 9. Indecision Rag (J. Hill) 10. Man With a Love Song (J. Hill) 11. Heart-shaped Tattoo (J. Hill) 12. You Should See Me Now (J. Hill) 13. Voodoo Forever, Aloha (Part 1) (J. Hill) 14. Voodoo Forever, Aloha (Part 2) (J. Hill)

Worlds are about to collide. With the release of Man With a Love Song, James Hill, who has earned a reputation as Canada’s foremost – indeed one of the world’s foremost – players of the often-underestimated ukulele, stands poised and ready to take his place in the ranks of today's best young songwriters. Barely into his 30s, Hill has already made a career out of knocking worlds against each other. His technical prowess on ukulele is achieved through attacking what is mostly regarded as a lowly folk instrument with the seriousness and nuance of technique usually associated with the highest levels of virtuosity on, say, classical violin or piano. His entertaining and unpredictable solo concerts have a world-wide audience that would be envied by many wannabe rock stars and his inspirational music seminars have made him something of a ukulele-based motivational speaker. Anyone lucky enough to have seen one of Hill’s recent live shows might also be familiar with his hip-hop influenced forays into heavily percussive, beat-driven prepared-ukulele “sound sculptures”: John Cage meets Chalmers Doane via Kid Koala. But just when you may have thought you’d seen all possible surprises from Hill, just when you may have thought, through his powers as an instrumentalist, he had doomed himself to working up ever-faster renditions of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” comes a landmark record: Man With a Love Song. Ukulele World: shake hands with Songwriter World.

Reviews for Man With a Love Song: A jewel of an album. ★★★★½. - The Australian Hill has come into his own as a songwriter... He's obviously got a big heart as well as nimble hands. - Penguin Eggs What Hill has achieved here is to take the uke beyond its usual territory, where it is either being frantically strummed in a self-consciously comic manner, or plucked with unnecessary gravitas in an effort to counteract its mirth-inducing reputation. Hill gives the uke its dignity back, but without ever taking himself – or the instrument – too seriously. The result is an album with superb lightness of touch. - Songlines Lyrics are always a benchmark for me, and the writing on this CD is topnotch. - Craig Robertson, Ukulelia.com

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