• Groovemaster Napa Head 14
NAPA AIR DRUM Introducing a drum that is possibly the most versatile drum ever. Tune it high and sounds like a professional level conga, get two, put a microphone on them and play Latin gigs, you will be amazed at how good it sounds. Tune it medium and it compares favourably with a tubano. The GMP signature air vent allows the player to play the drum without having to hold it. This drum is both lightweight, and stable while sitting flat on the floor. Tune it low use a soft mallet and you have a beautiful sounding bass drum or play by hand and you have a full sounding Brazilian rebollo (hand surdo). The heavy duty tuning key and lugs allow for fast tuning and head change and can be tuned to specific pitches. The sound quality and volume level allows you to blend with acoustic instruments that include guitar, piano, Orff, marimbas, ukuleles and even recorders. If you need a powerful lead djembe you can quickly change the head to a fibreskin head and lead a large drumming group. Teachers can save storage space by having one drum that can do it all and will most likely be in constant use in most school and seniors programs. Djembe heads are available. 14&"(35cm) x 26.5&"(67cm)

Groovemaster Napa Head 14" Djembe - KP14-5B

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