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    AULOS English/baroque traditional-style bass recorder - E533B
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AULOS English/baroque bass recorder E521

Price: $342.00
SKU: E521
Brand: AULOS
Product Code: E521
Availability: In Stock

The Symphony series of AULOS recorders is considered the flagship of the AULOS line.

Superb voicing and easy blowing make it possible for players to gain the subtle breath differences for the lowest to highest tones which enables one to attain high artistic expression.

In addition to the traditional E533B Bass Recorder, Aulos now introduces the "Knick-style" direct-blow bass recorder. Easy to play, with a full rich resonant sound. Constructed with the superior quality Aulos is renowned for. Deluxe carrying bag, joint grease, neck strap, cleaning rod and fingering chart. 38", 96.5cm long.


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